Issue 11

September 2018

Galeria Melissa

Sam Shannon at Galeria Melissa

We are proud to announce a new immersive multi-media art installation created by director Sam Shannon, which opens at Galeria Melissa on September 6th. Titled "New Frontier," the project delves into a multitude of mediums and experiences, bringing collage to life in three dimensions, and evoking the spirit of individuality through a voice over composed by Berlin-based artist and poet Olivia Parkes. "I wanted to produce a visually abstract world based on the idea of a new frontier and cast a diverse group that could inhabit this saturated landscape," says Shannon. Some of these individuals who animate the director's vision are Serena Tea, Aba Mfrase-Ewur, Rhamier Auguste, Lumia Nocito, and Jo Rosenthal.

"The film is narrated by the voices of the cast, echoing our focus on the individual's personal experience and as well as their collective sentiments as they dream their own reality," Shannon goes on to explain, "and the concept and design of the installation are based on my collage work which is made up of layered video, abstract shapes, photography, and typography."

While the finished environment is impressively overwhelming, the unique voices who have lent themselves to the project are by no means lost in it. "I was lucky to work with a brand like Melissa that has such a wide range of styles because we were able to find a shoe that each talent felt ownership of, despite their stylistic diversity."

Get to know what some of the faces of "New Frontier" have to say about New York, Melissa, and this project:


"This project was an amazing experience! The energy on set was so warm, welcoming, and flowing openly. Everyone working was so skillful that there was room to really let loose and have fun. I've loved Melissa shoes for quite some time now. Here in New York, we can have sunny skies in Brooklyn but by the time you make it across the bridge to Manhattan, you've gotta start swimming to make it through! Melissa shoes should be a part of every New Yorker's wardrobe. They are so cute and have you covered in any weather."


"Participating in Sam's project was an amazing experience. From the moment I walked on set it felt like I was filming for a movie. There were mood lights, a fog machine and everyone was quiet and focused at the task at hand. And Melissa's clean approach to designing shoes is both interesting and unique. If I'm on the street I can usually spot a Melissa shoe from afar! The shoes are aesthetically, physically and mentally part of my New York day-to-day."


"Honest tea, I am obsessed with Melissa shoes!! They're a classic. My style stems from making very simple silhouettes, in which I wear the clothes rather than the clothes wearing me. I let my body speak for itself! And that's what I get from them. To be a part of the newest installation at Galeria Melissa has been such an incredible privilege! I felt so welcomed. There was a sense of appreciation and admiration I normally don't receive on a day-to-day basis."


"I've been a huge fan of Melissa since I was a kid and bought my first Melissa pair of shoes at Kitson in LA, which were blueberry scented and had hearts on them. I never thought I'd be able to work with a brand that I've admired for such a long time. I'm always hesitant with brands I work with because I always feel like it'll end up being a corporation, but the team at Melissa seriously made me feel so comfortable and like I was amongst friends having a good time and everyone made me feel really beautiful, which is something I've been trying to work on a lot lately."


"What I wear each day is based off of how I feel. To me, fashion is about self expression. Whatever look I'm going for, whether that be my usual ‘don't f with me' type of vibe or a more dolled up look, Melissa shoes can be styled to fit my day-to-day. Plastic is an interesting material choice for a shoe. On an aesthetic level, I'm attracted to the limitations of plastic as the only material for the shoes made by Melissa. It's exciting to see how the creative restriction comes full circle to freedom through design."
The Press Magazine Launches

The Press Magazine Launches

As the media year begins again, an upstart New York-based publication called The Press debuts on September 3rd with the timely mission that brings something new to the table. The Press announces itself as a publication for the majority-minority, embracing America's fast-approaching future. Dedicated to matters of interest to people of color around the world, the inaugural issue is titled Black Beauty with Sudanese model Ajak Deng on the cover styled by Ian Bradley. Inside stories feature designer Heron Preston, actor Aml Ameen, and model Hamid Onifade, alongside a number of up and coming photographers who are publishing some of their first works in these pages. We'll be waiting eagerly for issue #2.


Rina Sawayama Live in NYC

For some time we've had our eye on Rina Sawayama, the Japanese-British singer-songwriter who waxes poetic on the nature of digitized life today — about contrasting products of the internet like loneliness, empowerment, and freedom. With the release of her new single "Cherry," she's burst into public as a queer advocate, as well, proudly identifying as pansexual in a recent interview with Broadly. Catch her live in New York this month on her Ordinary Superstar tour, at Elsewhere in Bushwick on September 12th and at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on September 13th.

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EVA Hops into Center Stage

Brooklyn-based singer Eva Tolkin, who goes by EVA on stage, has been patiently singing backup vocals for major talents like Dev Hynes and Solange. But now, she just dropped what might be a last-minute song-of-the-summer. The single is called "Touch Me," and between the synths and mellifluous vocals is an underlying pro-pleasure, auto-erotic message. Check out the video, complete with an extremely tactile ruffled, lavender cat suit, and Irish step dancing.

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Melissa's Guide to NYFW S/S19

New York Fashion Week has everyone's back-to-school looks and calendars turbo-charged. To help you weather the storm of excitement we have a couple shows by friends of Melissa to point out, and tips on special projects you won't want to miss. The Eckhaus Latta runway is planned for Saturday, September 8th at 1pm. Sunday the 9th is a Sandy Liang presentation from 4-5pm and Telfar show at 5pm. Gauntlett Cheng is Monday night, at 8pm on the 10th. Vaquera is Tuesday, September 11th, at 4pm. Closing out the week, there's LUAR at 3pm on Wednesday the 12th. But one of the projects we're most excited about is gleefully invite-free. Following in the footsteps of Depop, whose new NYC location on Mott Steet is showcasing Planet X, Slumpy Kev, and Sandy Liang IRL, The Vaquera Dollar Store opens its doors at 359 Canal Street on September 6th. Open Tuesday–Saturday through September 27th, the store will be fulllllll of money! Customers are encouraged to purchase current and archive Vaquera pieces using coins (or bills), thereby transforming the shop into an veritable installation brimming with buckets of cool cash. Of course we'll be stepping down some runways, too. Catch Melissa shoes on the models walking for Patricia Field's show staged in collaboration with a dozen visual artists, on Wednesday September 5th, at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club; for Chromat, on Friday, September 7th, during their NYFW wet T-shirt contest at Spring Studios; and for Adi Yair TKTKT.